Samson Occom Papers Repatriation Announcement

Mar 31, 2022

It is with great excitement that the Advancing Pathways for Long-Term Collaboration Steering Committee would like to share the announcement that the Occom papers and other Occom related materials, stewarded by Dartmouth Library for many years, will be repatriated by Dartmouth College President Phil Hanlon to the Mohegan Tribe. 

Samson Occom’s papers include journals, letters, and other significant documents. (Graphic based on Dartmouth Library files)

Against the background of celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dartmouth’s recommitment to its founding mission and the establishment of the Native American Studies Program (now Native American and Indigenous Studies Department), the Native American Visiting Committee (NAVC) proposed the repatriation to President Hanlon. The act of repatriation will not only recognize Samson Occom’s critical importance to the founding of the College and his dream of an education for Native students, but will also celebrate Occom by restoring him to his Mohegan homeland.

Dartmouth will continue to host and make available the digital collection via the Occom Circle Project and explorations are underway for continuing collaborations and scholarly opportunities.

Below is the link to the online announcement here: